Research & Development

We develop with innovation, products and services.

Carefully selected high grade material cobine with our unique process to create a foam with extreme durability dan strength.

Made for comfort.

ENDURA FOAM® is largest volume material, polyurethane foam is widely considered one of the most versatile foam materials available. It’s highly resilient, flexible and durable, making it ideal in seating, bedding, packaging, and more. Available to ENDURA FOAM® in nearly a hundred combinations of density, firmness, and resilience, the material’s superb cushioning capabilities can be fabricated into an almost infinite amount of shapes and sizes.

Pation and precision

Assuring the quality of the foam we ship out is of the utmost importance. hether it's confirming the material is within specifications from a physical property standpoint, or from a dimensional tolerance standpoint, ENDURA FOAM® has solutions in place.

Quality Control

In addition to daily incoming inspection of density and IFD (firmness) at every location, our Corporate Quality Assurance Lab records required supplier test data and performs daily verification of various foam properties like Support Factor, Compression Set, Air Flow, Dynamic Fatigue, and Density and IFD. All testing is done in accordance with ASTM standards.

Made by latest technology

ENDURA FOAM® is produced by the latest European Foam Machines. Produced by the latest Laaderberg Maxfoam® machine so the quality consistency is always maintained.

High grade material

ENDURA FOAM® for combination mattresses have been rigorously tested to comply with our strict standards for quality and durability, as well as to meet the highest standards for domestic applications.

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