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Urecel's manufactures quality foam products for the furniture, bedding, automotive and packaging industries. We stock over 8 grades of Endura flexible polyurethane foam that can be cut, shaped and fabricated to the exact specifications that you require.

Premium Foam

ENDURA FOAM® is premium foam with high quality, which is processed by only pure foam base materials without mixing Calcium Carbonate filler.


ENDURA FOAM® is protected by in-built antimicrobial system, has stood the test of time and will provide long-lasting comfort for years to come.

Extra Comfort Level

ENDURA FOAM® has 4 different compressions (Supersoft, Soft, Medium and Firm) that are designed to suit most comfort levels.

Superior furniture

ENDURA FOAM® is more durable and comfortable without an artificial hardness, Used by variety of superior furniture.

Combination Level

Combinations foam can be composed to fine tune your exact comfort level and polyester non woven padding can be added for extra plushness.

Top Performance

ENDURA FOAM® can be used in a wide range of comfort applications, including furniture cushioning and support.

21 years experience in export furniture upholstery

In 1997, Urecel’s BornENDURA FOAM® is produced by the latest European Foam Machines. Produced by the latest Laaderberg® machine so the quality consistency is always maintained. ENDURA FOAM® curently has warehouses in Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Klaten, Jepara and Pasuruan to facilitate the delivery process. Always ask for ENDURA FOAM® certification to ensure you are covered with Urecel’s exclusive warranty program.

Comparison Foam

Urecel's extensive R & D program identified the need for superior premium indoor cushion and developed ENDURA FOAM®.

Durability test

• Load. 750 Newton > 75kg (adult male load). • Repetition pressies. 80k times > 7year.

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Thickness Foam 93.5%
Calcium Carbonate Filler 0%

Other Foam

Thickness Foam 84.4%
Calcium Carbonate Filler 35%